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My blog - mostly technical stuff in it. some business and very few on personal (if any)

Another blog of mine - In Englsih/Malay language. On finance, internet marketing, life and etc.

My FB - make sure you have your face on it. If not please don't add me

My App (testing some small apps here)

Some useful tools to share

  • Chrome - fast internet browser by google
  • IrfanView - my favorite image editor - quick n easy
  • Free office tools - if you want to save lots of money instead of buying MS product
  • Dropbox - if you have multiple PC's (e.g. office/home/pc/notebook/iphone) and want to share files easily. Click the link to receive free additional 500MB
  • Screenhunter - my favorite screen capture software

Books that I read and recommend
* Note: Some with free shipping worldwide (check your country first)

Some worth-reading materials online

Things I always like to remind myself

  • To get things you never had, you need to do things you never did
  • The best way to get things done is to begin
  • All goals must be measurable, practical and come with deadline
  • In anything you do, try to eliminate, automate, delegate or do in batch
  • 80/20 rule- 20% what you do that produce 80% of your result/income
  • Go for passive income. Do once, get paid many times
  • Leverage -> 1% x 100 is better than 100% x 1

Development tools used

Development tools used (in Mac)

More things to study

Some other websites/tools that might be useful

  • exabytes Reliable and highly recommended hosting service
  • dropbox Your files on cloud. Retrieve them anywhere anytime
  • Share slides online
  • gliffy Flow chart web application
  • xp-dev SVN on cloud